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Nic Clear

In the first part of an ongoing series of performance/installation projects, Nic Clear looks at the way domestic technology constructs us as obsessive compulsives, performing bizarre everyday rituals of repetition and physical and psychological redundancy. Using a mix of projected graphics and computer animation combined with video performance UNHEIMLICH looks at the consequences of Digital Technology on how we create, represent and utilise domestic spacesThe film sequences are combined with a specially written video essay and a series of motion graphics pieces that focus on the banality of our labour saving domestic technologies.

We is Technology"There is no outside the technical, every aspect of our lives is constituted by and constructed from some form of technology. Our bodies, our food, our environments, our language and our beliefs are all the products of one form of technological apparatus or another.We live in a hybrid space where virtual technologies mix with the phenomenal reality of Everyday Life and architecture has become irrevocably entwined within this polymorphous structure of technology and domesticity.The very nature of our domestic spaces is defined by the intersection of the physical environment with screen technologies, mobile communications, consumer products as well the actions of people themselves. The term 'home' seems strangely inappropriate now that the house has become an interface."


Nic Clear is a registered architect. He runs a postgraduate Unit at the Bartlett School of Architecture. He is a founding member of General Lighting and Power and has exhibited work internationally. He has also written and directed a number of short films.

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