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Walking Waves

The project "Walking Waves" was developed by datenflug as part of a series of interactive media installations about the interface between architecture and media arts. The theme of this Virtual-Reality-concept is the creation of a new independent architecture.
The theme of the installation "Walking Waves" is the capturing of movement in space and the transformation of this movement into a kinetic environment of light. The movement of the participants is captured by the use of Virtual reality and optic sensors and represented by light
The theme of the installation is the visualisation of physical presense and human movement in the form of a dynamic architecture of light. The visitor permanenty generates him/herself in different light structures and implicates a dialogue between the observer and the system.

We see in our virtual architecture a modern reaction of current social change.
Flexibility, Fragmentation and Acceleration are slogans that control our lives today. In cyberspace and its immersive, interactive and networked environments stands a virtual world, that changes and influences our perceptions of reality.


Datenflug was founded in Berlin in 2000 as an agency for virtual architecture and new media. Founding members are Rolf Kretschmer, Benedikta Scheibenzuber, and Jonas Schmidt.

Datenflug continues to develop innovative solutions for communication and information issues and has a long history of experience in the realms of architecture, media arts, 3D technology and webdesign.

Their products include 3D search engines such as the Infofinder, VR - mediainstallations such as Metadesigner or Bruce Lee, as well as interactive 3D - visualisations such as the Bertelsmann - Vip - Lounge at Expo 2000 in Hannover. Datenflug has also got several publications in architecture -, design and art magazines and won several awards.

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