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AMICO Project
(realities:united/Tim Edler, John deKron)

AMICO develops a scenario for life, work and electronic communication in the future private home. More specifically the project addresses the general concept of video-mediated communication (VMC) as a means of creating and maintaining social integration despite physical remoteness. In a further step design objectives are developed for a) a mode of video mediated communication (permanent, low intensity) and b) a practical testbed with a physical interface as an element that is integrated into the design of a private living room.

Based on the theoretical assumptions a working prototype was constructed.
Technically this is a large wall mounted video projector, which is 'stylishly' designed (and programmed) to be a potential main accent of the dwellings interior design.
The interface receives video streams (i.e information sources to which the user maintains a permanent connection) and creates a rhythmic vividly animated 'video mix' in the form and aesthetic intention of contemporary music video clips. The mixing process is automatically controlled by the music (that is chosen by the inhabitant)- both the mood and the rhythm - and also by the information relevance of the individual received video streams.

The project will be presented by Tim Edler (realities:united) and John deKron. An introduction of the objectives of the research will be followed by a demonstration of examples and the video mixing software (Max/Jitter).

realities:united is a planning office. In our designs we synchronize architecture, information technology and communication content. Using that base we develop design concepts, technologies and action strategies which unite the material "old" reality with the immaterial "new" realities, which increasingly overlay and augment the present.

Audiovisual media, global communications and information networks and computer interfaces compose a spreading synthetic fabric which coats the appearance of the everyday world. Now that they have become constitutional elements of our reality, we must begin to develop truly integrative patterns for design, semantic exchange and actual utilisation


John deKron, born 1967, has studied video production at the Media Academy in Potsdam-Babelsberg. As a video artist who has been focussing on the artistic, thematic and technical fusion of audio and video, he has participated at numerous international exhibitions.
He has been invited to hold lectures at the Merz Akademie in Stuttgart and the HGB in Leipzig and works as filmmaker and VJ-performer.

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