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Improvisierte Zweckmäßigkeit
eine Soirée zum Buchprojekt "A-Zet"
(von und mit AC Hottich, Zaha Hadid (angefragt), Susanne Schindler (Arch+) und Christopher Dell, DRA/Institut f. Improvisationstechnologie)

The overall project places itself as a neutral surface onto which the actual relationships between society, architecture and architects are projected. In this respect, by the reference to "consulting" in their name and the black turtleneck sweater used in their logo, they break down the essence of their own profession into common clichés and preconceived expectations. In short, this ridiculous simplification is meant to confuse and as a result provoke a self-reflection of the discipline itself.

Since 1999, they have initiated several projects that satirically imitate the format of Architecture competitions, followed by their subsequent presentation. Contemporary and socially relevant themes such as media stars, religion and soap-operas are dealt with and placed with an apparent surreal reference to the concerns of architecture.

The call for contributions to these competitions are designed ironically, emphasizing the character of a “loosening-up exercise", aimed at stimulating the authors´ urge to create conceptually independent works.

The works that have been submitted, usually by young contributors, are proof of the validity of this strategy. They reflect a new tendency to open up and to understand the complexity and the conceptual as a crucial part of their discipline.


AC Hottich was founded in 1999 as an artistic project by architects Mario Hohmannn and Stefan Rettich to critically self reflect their own guild.

AC Hottich is concerned with closely examining the relationship between architecture and society based on contemporary questions, providing an opportunity to redefine or renegotiate this relationship.

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