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Mihael Milunovic
Tout pour moi devient allegorie (Alles wird eine Allegorie für mich)

This is the motto of a Baudelairean flaneur, treating every spatial/topographic structure - however random and uncontrolled its functions may appear - as a territorialized system of signs. Within this frame, even the most ordinary and trivial phenomenon can be shown to be both sated with meaning and woven into a net of semantic fluxes, always potentially leading towards the realm of discourses which are different and unexpected. Belgrade’s 'wild' flea market - which was for an entire decade celebrated by the local artists as the heterotopic place, out of the range of technologies of predictability and control - fully follow that motto. The images focus on framing isolated fragments of the site, mainly groups of various objects found lying around. They attempt to visually pinpoint some particular logic of contingent plurality as the structuring operative principle and in a range of various cultural, economic, demographic, sociological, ecological and political contexts from the micro to the macro level.


Mihael Milunovic is a visual artist working in different media from painting and sculpture to site specific installations and ambient settings. His current focus is based upon para-architectural constructions designed in a sculptural manner, and built in the physical space of a gallery, on the web and/or outdoors.

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