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Ivan Kucina
Dead City

The Dead City workshop was realized through the Architectural Design Theory course at the Architectural Faculty, University of Belgrade, from November 2000 to January 2001. Its product was an installation of a city composed of two hundred individual maquettes, developed through an experimental design procedure inspired by the music from the album Dead City (Future Sound of London). Following defined phases of work, students made a series of transfers from music to drawing, from sketch to writing, from text to modeling, from sculpture to designing, to finally produce models of architectural buildings that could compose a city – a dead city, an urban space without vital connections among its individual monuments.


Ivan Kucina is an architect, lecturer, member of the Stealth Group and a key initiator for much of the current research on uncontrolled processes within the Belgrade city structure. He was born in the city in 1961 and graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade in 1988. In 1992, he attended the MA program on the Morphology of Organized Space and Time at the Faculty of Architecture. In 1998, he finalized his Masters thesis with research on the Phenomena of Transition in Modern Architecture, with Belgrade as an example of Modern Architecture between the two World Wars. Since 1997 he serves as a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture. He is currently building a family house on Avala mountain near Belgrade and is leading an effort to create software - Personal Housing Generator - based on the Belgrade urban experience during the last decade.

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