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Pablo Leon de la Barra
Sueño de Casa Propia – The Dream of Having One’s Own Home

Sueño de Casa Propia - The Dream of Having One’s Own Home - is a series of slides taken during different walks through informal self-built settlements in Mexico City. The images expose different stages of development in the settlements and question dominant perceptions and clichés that exist around them. They are presented as different cases of self-generated, bottom-up vernacular modernity. Numerous cases currently dealing with situations in Colombia, Brasil and Puerto Rico are still in process.


Artist and curator, born in Mexico City 1972, lives and works in London. His work questions the migration, appropriation, translation and differentiation of contemporary cultural production within different spatial contexts, as well as their public and private manifestations. With Beatriz Lopez and Sebastian Ramirez, he is also co-director of the 24/7 Gallery in London. 24/7 functions as an international, spontaneous, low budget gallery. It is particularly committed to showing lesser-known artists and propositions within the London context, exhibiting outside of the traditional domains of the art world. (kw29.07)

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