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büro international
(Oliver Klimpel, Alexander Müller, Svend Bjarke Wennick)
“Detour - or how I learned to get lost on my way to work”

The installation focuses on documenting the city as a result of communal interaction with "quantifiable returns" (Helen Walker) via a database. It manifests itself in an architectural setting which establishes a forum, a solid space charged flexibly with (empiric) information - with reference to Robert Venturi´s idea of the "decorated shed". The notion of the unplanned city and its unofficial side is conveyed in its work-in-progress nature, reflecting the idea of urban "sprawl" (Aron Betsky). A graphic language of charts and diagrams with their official iconography of the office, the language of authority, quality control and process-alignment, transformed into a container of participatory processes assembled in a non-linear narrative.

The work by büro international transforms the exhibition space into an information market by planting clusters of practical information, documentation of personal appropriations of unofficial spaces and related cultural commentary inside the room. Evoking the setting of noticeboards, it addresses participatory strategies and references Situationist practices to experience urban space. Visitors‘ contributions are collected through questionaires. The information continuously updates the installation, which combines a facilitated approach with material gathered and edited by the collective.


büro international is a network of communication designers, architects and filmmakers situated in London, Copenhagen and Berlin who collaborate on various commissions and research projects.

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