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Transformers will consist of three group shows and is intended to create a social space - a laboratory for contemporary urban strategies and architectural practice with international participants, and a forum for interdisciplinary collaborations. Here, artists, architects, writers, theorists and filmmakers will present and discuss their plans for transformational architecture, and shed new light on existing urban realities.

pirated spaces - informal architecture
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transformers III

Transformer is the first of a new series of projects by urban drift in the new project and exhibition space in the "Bikinihaus" in Berlin - built in 1957, and located right at the centre of 'West' Berlin at Bahnhof Zoo. The location will engender a deliberate shift in focus to a part of Berlin in which a host of listed buildings are under threat of current urban planning decisions. We will also be encouraging and initiating partnerships with organisations in other cities who share our aims, and developing a diverse program for the year 2004.
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